Just In Case

Just in case you hadn't noticed 

 We here at Comfy Quilts N Things wanted to let you know that we have some additional posts going strong under a new Blog named: 

 Quilter Perfectionist Point of View

So, Come on by

We would be  very please if you  came by and joined us on our additional quilt journey!

In this blog  at Quilter Perfectionist Point of View  we  have a bit of OCD going on.    And some perfectionism.  I have a lot of my family and friends tell me I want things too perfect.

QPPOV   is how I work through my process of perfectionism.    How I learn to love what I do in spite of imperfection.

Sure!  I love to see my points be points and all my blocks line up perfectly.

I can get pretty grumpy when they aren't.  

I hope to help you to see the imperfections as  Challenges to better quilting .

Come grow along with me!  And I hope you have some pointers to help me along also.

We have been covering How-To posts  for a Scrappy Quilt I'm  working on.  And although, that's in a current state of flux, I hope to add some more soon.

There will  be some news coming in this blog later this week and I will also have my earlier posts updated soon - I hope.  Changing website is a long  and tedious process.

Please come check out our new stuff and stay tuned for updates.  We're so glad you take the time to read and hope you get something out of every post!

Much Love,


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