Quilting Week 23

Yes, I know!

I haven't posted for weeks 1 - 22, BUT I'm just getting started with what I want to show off!

This is where I'm going to show you the quilting, not the quilt making.  

This is where you can give me any pointers, or ask any questions,  make comments and share your fun stuff too!


Let's take a look at some of the the quilting I've been doing lately.  

Aren't these two quilts just adorable.  Sometimes it's impossible to not gush over some of the quilts I get.  Well...I'm pretty sure I gush over all of them!  I can't help it.  I love the talent that comes through my door!

Here I opted for a continuous curve that adds a bit of motion to the quilt.  And I made it a kind of wave on each side of the block.

It's not a difficult design and can be easily performed on longarm or domestic machines.   

This quilt and the one above are from the same client.  Kind of obvious with the bunnies and all!

And again, it just goes to show that sometimes simple is best.

I framed each block that has a bunny in it with straight lines and then quilted pebbles around each bunny.  Around each framed bunny are swirls in all of the additional frames.

This helped to center the focus on the bunny and let the background be the background.

Under My Needle This Week

This one has been on my longarm machine for about 2 weeks.  

There is a lot of detail in this quilt. And some pondering time to see how I really wanted it to go.  Some places got quilted and them removed because it wasn't right.  Then requited in a much better way.  

Yeah...that can be frustrating.  But, sometimes you just have to jump in to see if it's going to work the way it looked in your head.

Scroll through the images below to get an idea of how it's been going...

That's it for this past few weeks quilting adventures!  Hang tight!  We'll have more next week...


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