Quilting Week 25

Always a bit of beauty - when you look

The past couple of weeks have been crazy.  And during the crazy, I've dealt with consistent tension headaches. And the OTHER things life throws in our path.  Keep moving is the key.  I kept moving and now we're here!

Here is what's been moving through my studio...

I showed you a bit of this quilt while it was still on my longarm frame. 

It's in it's new home now and I couldn't be happier with the results!

The sky had me stumped for a bit.  I had a vision, but getting that vision transferred into thread was throwing me for a total loop.

Thankfully, it finally worked!

I had a request for a queen size.  Not for me to make, though!  Whew!  

This is a small service I'm happy to provide. Since I already have the quilt in my system I can easily  change the dimensions and or parts of a quilt so another quilter can make it in a new size.  

This particular quilt already has free pattern out there on the big wide internet.  It's a small quilt so I redrew it for this king size pictured here.  Now, it's in a queen size!

For those that stopped by a my studio for a visit - THANK YOU!  You help keep my heart beating!  We all need encouragement on our paths.  I do what I can to pass it on knowing it will return!

Over last weekend I took some time to just play.  

After finishing a huge quilt, something small is just the ticket to cleanse the mind and soul.  No real thinking, Just quilt!

This little quilt started out as a play date quilt with my niece.  I had just received my AccuQuilt and my niece came over for the unboxing! 

We briefly read the instructions (and I do mean briefly - like barely a glance) and we started grabbing fat quarters that were laying around and cutting them up!

This quilt was the result!  We even dug through and found cut pieces that were overages for other quilts.  It's amazing what you find when digging through old scraps!  It's backed with some great Shannon Cuddle Luxe.  In a gorgeous lavender.

Keep an eye open in my store for this quilt!  It will be for sale!

Under My Longarm Needle This Week

Here I have a clients denim quilt.  And my first denim quilt too boot!  Not only is this denim, but a stretchy denim also.  The other fabrics aren't a quilting cotton, but a knit.

I thought this was going to be quite a challenge.  Really, the largest difficulty I've had with this quilt is where the corners come together.  Those are always fun!  My needle wants to just jamb there or the whole machine wants to swerve around those areas.  I persevere though!


I like to present my clients some ideas for quilting.  Then let them decide what pieces and/or parts they would like on their quilt.  The picture below is this client's choice...

I like it!  It's coming out rather well!

There's more, but this is pretty long at this point.  So I'll stop and I'll show you what's going on under my sewing machine needle later on.  Thanks for stopping in!

Much love,


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