To Blog or Not To Blog

A year ago I began a journey in blog writing. I wanted to share my experiences. Put out helpful quiltmaking and quilting articles. I wanted to help. Sure there are A LOT of quilt bloggers. The quantity of quilt bloggers didn't bother me. I read after other quilters all the time. Maybe I don't have anything knew to talk about, but who knew, perhaps the way I think or my process is helpful to someone else. I just knew I love what I do and wanted to share it

So I started. I ran a few articles. I had fun! Then the pandemic hit. And my quiltmaking world exploded! I have made some wonderful quilts in the past year and I have several more to go. But, writing a blog didn't fit in the groove. I couldn't keep up.

Then, again because of the COVID-19, our grandson needed to come live with us for a little while. My world expanded and exploded even more! Oh my! I had to remember how to manage an 11 year old in our house again! And we needed to do school from home!

We had a beautiful 6 months. He's back home now and we miss him something terrible. And even though it put me WAAAAYYYY behind on my quiltmaking, there is no way I would have traded that time with our grandson for anything else!


Life has settled... somewhat. And although, COVID-19 still grips the world population, I've maintained a part time job, designed quilts, made quilts, designed a quilt pattern, made MORE quilts and I started selling quilty type items locally and online.

I'm adding blogging back my schedule!

I want to share some how-to's, some of my quilty perfectionist point of views (not the quilt police) and get some products out there to be loved by you all!

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One item on my list of blog posts to do, is a walk through of my new pattern Windmill Trellis. I'm getting ready to start another couple of these quilts, except in different colors! And in twin size!

I'm ready, now let's have fun!

Thanks so much!


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