When Life Gets The Better Of You

It’s always worse somewhere else

Here in the Albright home and for Comfy Quilts N Things, we had life give us a tumble in the past few weeks. Currently I’m sitting in a waiting room with my husband as the technicians get what they need for his PET scan. Then the MRI is next.

Nearly everyone knows what THAT means.

My husband had a spot on his upper shoulder that has been there for years. Suddenly, it changed. He had it checked out and sure enough, Melanoma. Last week they removed the melanoma and a couple of Basal cell spots, plus a lymph node. Of course, this took all day and before we barely got started on the next day the doctor calls to say they lymph node is malignant.

My heart sank! All the normal questions ran though our minds. Mostly....REALLY? Yes, really!

What’s NEXT?

They schedule my husbands scan on Friday for Monday. So they aren’t missing a minute to get things moving.

Still. As we sit here waiting, I can’t help but wonder, what’s next. The hubs is like - one day at a time. I’m thinking - I have to think about what to do with everything.

I consider our adult children and our grandchildren (one of which we haven’t met yet). How are they dealing with this? They aren’t going to spill to me because they’re going to try being strong for me.

I consider my clients and the work that is waiting to be done into next year.

I consider the many, many appointments we have in front of us. Our day jobs. Our church family. The list goes on.

Mostly, I consider the Hubs. He’s been in pain from 2 surgeries in just the past week and a half. He’s a rock, but I’m thinking this is just the beginning.

Going On

So far, when each day’s appointments have been complete, the waiting is over and we are home, I go quilt and sew and quilt and sew.

Yesterday was the strangest so far. After our church online church service (Hubby is in too much pain to deal with people) I went to my studio. I worked and then cried, then I worked and stopped because I couldn’t breathe, then I worked and cried.

That was my day. I kept striving to do, but then breathing was impossible. Mind you, there were no sobs, just leaking eyes, perpetually.

Today is better. But as a result of all this, I didn’t get my newsletter out yesterday. But as we sit here and wait, I can tell you our current stresses and get the information out to you. Without the tears.

For Now

We have no certain plan of attack as yet. When we do. I will know more about our future plan for Comfy Quilts N Things.

We do have some things lined up:

  1. Intertwined border tutorial and...
  2. Windmill Trellis in action

I can’t hide specific dates as yet. As we work through more of what life is throwing at us, I know more about when I can get these out.

I do know our God is with us and we will be okay. This is just a bump on the road to our eternal life ahead.

Please bare with us and if I have some late blogs - I apologize in advance. Thanks so much for sticking with us and your patience.

Much love,






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