Who Really Uses a Place for Breathing?

Nobody Needs to Breathe That Deep

or Really use a place for breathing?  



We all go through difficulties in our lives. Often, it's not the difficulty itself that's the challenge, it's how we deal with it. I've rumbled through my life difficulties with quilting. Maybe you have too? And if you don't find it addicting (like I have) I promise to not hold it against you!

This week I had started on another entirely different subject. 

Somehow, it just wasn't happening...soooo...

I came back to my last blog about A Place for Breathing On and it was pretty obvious I was wasn't done here. Now, don't roll your eyes! I want to tell you a bit about one of my past projects. One that made me realize I could breathe deeper.

I made this quilt for my dad. I had started it just before he had to open heart surgery. I didn't get it finished until a few years after the surgery. And he never really got to use it.  Not long after I gave it to him, we all moved to Hawaii and there was no point in a flannel quilt anymore. Instead it went to my nephew in Fairbanks and we all know they really need flannel up there!

During the process of Dad nearly dying and his recovery, this quilt is what I worked on.  It was a time for breathing deeper. After days full of caring for dad and helping mom care for dad, I needed a place to go. The cares of the day would leave me and I simply focused on creating. 

Some use exercise, others take a bath. I sew! 

My brain goes into another mode and suddenly the day melts and tomorrows tasks aren't a looming air trap. 

The bear paw 'claws' finished at one inch. ONE INCH!

I used Triangulations DVD I had purchased back then to get them all sewn together. Then cut them up, pressed them open and cut the dog ears off. 

That all took about six months. It was a healthy place to focus my energy. 

When I'm working on a quilt, from the very beginning (I mean buying fabric - beginning), I'm already thinking of what I'm going to quilt on it. Back then I was going over the internet and through my magazines and books to find what 'fit' with the quilt and the idea I had in my head. 

I knew I wanted to have an animal theme to go with the Bear Paw Block. No flowers or loop de loops for my dad's quilt!  As soon as my brain settled on an animal theme, I decided it was a good idea to stay with animals we see in Alaska. That's when I started searching for the Dall Sheep, Bear, Moose, and Caribou. 

Dad wasn't a hunter. Well, not for animals. He hunted for lost souls. He wanted everyone to know the Lord the way he knew the Lord! Thinking back, I wonder if I shouldn't have put a fish on there too. That's funny! Dad didn't fish either!  At least, not while I was growing up. Probably, more with my older siblings. But, I digress.

I dug through books looking for quilting designs that were already created for these animals. I didn't find any. Instead I printed up photos from the internet of the animals I wanted. Now the trick was getting them on the quilt. And I was back to the internet. 

I can't draw worth a flip! But, I can trace. I cut a piece of paper the size of the block and drew in the sashing on the paper so I had a good idea where the animals were going to go. Sulky Solvy to the rescue!

I traced the animals from the block sized paper onto the sulky water soluble stabilizer and pinned them in place over each block.

This stuff is great! You can see through it, do the stitching and then peel it from around the stitches. The rest disappears in the washer!

I've used this method so many times and the results are wonderful! I regret I never looked into the future to know I was going to write this blog. I would have taken a million pictures.

One day I'm going to do it again just so I'll have pictures.

So, for your next project, find your motif you've been brewing on in your head. Pull out the Solvy Stabilizer, trace out your motif, and stitch it! Maybe later on in your journey, you'll find some different means to get it done. For now, this is a great starter method!

You can get Solvy right from Sulky or go to Amazon or JoAnn Fabrics

 Do a search on the internet or run down to your favorite craft/fabric shop! Try it and let me know how it goes!

Please don't forget to share!

Nearly all my quilts have a story in them. I plan to share as many as I remember with you. The ups the downs the..."whoops! What was I thinking"...moments. As I move along I hope to inspire and encourage your journey in quilts.

I love to hear stories.

Please send me your stories about your quilts or whatever your making. Where the idea started and how it moved from there. And if you want me to, I'll show them off for you.

Most of all, let's have fun!

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