A Quilter's Perfectionist Point of View

Does quilting have to be perfect? No!

I call it OQC. It's my superpower! What's yours?

Messy trimming - But satisfying

I made this post on Instagram the other day and when I went back to look at it, I couldn't quilt believe I had had such a mess going on. But then again, I am a quilter!

I mentioned OQC because we all know about OCD. Obsessive Quilting Compulsion. Weird? Yes, I know! Which means, to me, that instead of having to have everything in perfect order. I'm just plain compulsive about quilting.

Funny thing is, the compulsion does not involve much for a clean working space.

If this photo had shown the whole table you may have been shocked at the image. WHAT? You have such a messy table! Well, DUH! I'm a quilter! Don't we all have messy tables?

This day I had every piece of every type of block for this one quilt laid out all over it. In piles. Some finished. Some not finished. This is an in depth quilt going on here! Give me a break!

Most days there are 2 or 3 projects on my table. And I have a big, BIG table! But, I know you can relate because you're a quilter too!

Does this mean I have to have everything perfect when I sew? No way! I do like certain things in certain places, but that's just because I hate looking for things that should be right there! Like my seam ripper. I must have 50 of them because I want to just pick one up when I'm ripping something out!

Does it mean that all my seams are perfectly 1/4" seams? Come on, I'm not CRAZY! I do like my 1/4" seams, but they can be wobbly. Do I take every one out - AGAIN NOT CRAZY!

Does this mean that I'm worried about the quilt police stopping by? NO. I don't think there are any in Hawaii.

What it does mean is I love my work. I love the way quilts bring out the creative side of me. I love to be immersed in the color and the shape and the style. I do like the precision of quilting. I do like points matching. I don't go out of my way to fix every odd corner.

Let me encourage you to just enjoy what you love! Have peace in it and make it to be loved! Every quilt has a story to tell. Whether the story is yours and your journey or the quilts story itself.

Now that all that is said - let me say this - This messy table will soon not be so messy! This quilt is almost finished! I will have a series of blog posts about this quilt. We'll go through the process and some of the in's and out's of the block. Basically, I'll let you in on the story of this quilt's journey.

I hope you choose to join in this story. Partly, because I'm getting a line up of stories that need to get out of me and partly, because I love to share!

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