The Scrappy Conundrum Continues

It's a process and it might be slow, 

but it's happening


New Week - New crazy

It's a bit hard to believe that I haven't pushed this quilt into the cabinet by now.  I can't though!  It's a client quilt!   

Good grief!  What am I thinking? 

I have to say, these are fun pieces to look at.  

Whoops!  It's out of the bag!  YES!  I've been looking. I can't help it.  I love fabric.  All the texture, overall design and all the fun stuff on them. 

Last week I had to re-stitch all the 3/8" seams to 1/4".  AND I thought I could just re-stitch them without looking at the fabrics. After all,   looking at them makes the scrappy process more of a conundrum.  

I find myself wanting to take them all apart and match them up by color or design or style.   Or work harder to not have them match?  Maybe that's more like it.  I try to distribute the colors and designs. Again, I'm defeating the purpose of 'scrappy'.  Even if the 'scrappy quilt' is a matter of opinion.

Scrappy is SUPPOSED to be absolutely random. And it hurts my brain.  

I made it through and here we are.

But are you noticing anything in this picture?

I HAD to pile them into groups.  There was just now way I couldn't! <whimper...whimper>  Here I'm trying to keep - well...mostly keep - the same fabrics from being in each block.

Then I realized there might be too many of the same color in each block!

UGH!  What do I do now!

I had to walk away.  Literally!  And since my studio is in our garage, I could do just that. 

I refused to even look at these pieces for the next couple of days.  And that's okay.  I had other things to work on.  Like the cutting the remainder of the pieces for this quilt.

I know you don't know what this quilt is...yet.  Aside from it being mostly scrappy.  But you will!

We're getting to that!

For now suffice it to say that there are A LOT of cuts in this quilt.  It will be great when it's finished and I'm excited to get to the end!  

For this week I have finally finished all of the cuts - but not all of the sub-cuts.

The cutting and sub-cutting seems to be where I'm going to get my perfectionism satisfied.


So we'll start there next week and work the rest of the little bits and pieces of this quilt.

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