Boog the Cat

Boog the Cat

Boog the Cat

A Weighted Blanket Story
Me and Boog The Cat – Client weighted blanket
15lbs –  Finished at 54″x 67.5″

Boog the Cat was an experience!  One of the best there is to have.  The kind that takes you on an unknown journey into yourself and comes out great in the end.

Boog came into existence from Facebook.  I was browsing around one day (I always browse quilts and quilting and more quilts) and I found a quilt laid out in the shape of a cat.   Now, I know that I’ve probably seen this particular layout a million times all over the internet in the course of my quilting life.  I don’t believe it ever struck me like it did in that minute.  Not only had the quilter completed the quilt in simplicity but, the colors were lovely.  Not over done, mind you.  Just simple.  Why did this one strike me?  Not sure I will ever really know the answer to that question.

The cat quilt that began Boog

Facebook photo that came from Pinterest.  Actual owner never found

Of course, I had been working on making weighted blankets for some time.  So, maybe it wasn’t anything about the colors or simplicity.  Although, it is adorable!  Maybe, it was more to do with squares.  That sounds so silly!  We quilter’s do everything (well, mostly) in squares.

Squares….Weighted Blankets

You see where I’m going?

Yep, pretty sure it was the squares and the fresh ideas for weighted blankets that prompted me to re-post the image on my business page on Facebook @Comfyquilts19

I just kept thinking…Why NOT?  Shouldn’t our weighted blankets be gorgeous?  Shouldn’t we have great colors?  What about a lovely layout with an image, if we want?

Then an old friend contacted me on FB messenger and she commented on how much she loved the cat quilt.  How it reminded her of her cat Boog (short for booger).

Next thing I knew, she wanted a weighted blanket.  Her requests were, an orange cat, with a dark spot by his nose (the booger) and green eyes and his name.  Boog was born!

Needless to say, I was so excited!  I opened up my EQ8 (for those not in the know, that’s Electric Quilt 8) and started designing a layout.  I pulled fabrics and sent her photos of fabrics.  Online, I found other fabrics.  I was very lucky that she mostly told me that she trusted my judgement.  So I trusted my judgement also and started cutting.


Mostly, when I design a weighted blanket, my blocks are 5″ unfinished and Boog was no exception.  These finish as 4.5″ pockets which, in my opinion, create a lovely distribution of the weight for the overall blanket.

I made lots of half square triangle blocks and a nose and I made eyes.  Those eyes were very likely the smallest curves I have every ventured.  They tested my skill as a sewist to the screaming point.  It wasn’t the curves so much as it was getting them straight.  How hard can that be?  Right?

The end result of this blanket was a hit!  My friend loves it and I had so much fun!  Boog weighs 15lbs and finished size is 54″x 67.5″

Caroyn Albright, Quilts ‘N’ Things Addict
24 January 2020

The Making of Boog

This is what DaLonna says….

Fun In What We Love

Fun In What We Love

Fun In What We Love

Memberships for Quilt Lovers

Hello Fellow Quilt Lovers,

Yes, I said lover because if you have ever started any quilting thing, you then have the nagging to do more. Some of us are addicted to the colors, others are addicted to designing.  Me?  I’m addicted to it all.  I love everything from color, to choosing fabric, to designing, to sewing on the binding.  That doesn’t include every step, i know, but it’s enough to tell you that I love it all.  And yes, sometimes my family gets a bit neglected, but, thankfully, for me, I have a wonderful family.  They love helping me do this thing I love.

That was admission number 1.  Here’s admission number 2:  I’m new at this.  Writing itself isn’t new, but putting it out there to the public is new.  I’m nervous and I’m willing to share my nervous in order to share what I’m addicted to.

Okay…okay….that was 3 admissions.  I’m guilty as charged.

Now, about those memberships!

I’m so excited to be working on this!  I know we had it up for a little bit, but it wasn’t quite right.  And there are so many reasons to do this just right for you.  My main reason is because I get to keep doing what I love.  My reason for you is to help you finish what you love!

We are working on a system for members/subscribers to sign up as individuals or groups.  Then send us quilt tops and get them quilted for super great prices.  Our subscriptions will be in options of 3 quilt tops, 5 quilt tops and 8 quilt tops and you’ll have a whole year to get them in.  There’ll be a nice set of upgrades and options available at each subscription level along with any kind of perks I can line up for you all.

So…please sign up and stay tuned to find out more about these membership/subscription offers.  Get in early, since from all we’ve heard, it’s going to be great fun!

Oh…and please leave us a comment!  We’d love to hear what you think of these new offers!

Much love,  Carolyn

Caroyn Albright, Quilts ‘N’ Things Addict
24 January 2020