Dreamy Stars Sparkling Under My Needle

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Yes I can…Yes I can
My Mantra for the Twinkling Stars Quilt
I’m sure you’ve never looked at a gorgeous quilt pattern and thought “There’s no way I’m going to get through this without problems?”

And here I’m shaking my head with that WHAT! look on my face…surprised..”Who, me?”  NEVER!

I know that’s how I felt when I picked up this quilt kit designed by Monique Jacobs at Open Gate Quilts for Bluprint (used to be Craftsy).

Yep…this was me

Caroyn Albright,

Quilts ‘N’ Things Addict

I admit it…I’m a quilting addict.  But, if you’re here then it’s likely you are too!  That also means we’re fabric addicts, and quilty tool addicts…this list goes on.

Please join me for the fun!

Triangles fill me with fear and despair!  Which is weird because I have made many quilts with triangles, and they usually come out just fine.  So why the fear?  Heaven knows.  A personal quirk?  Maybe?  This quilt pattern seems to have belayed my fears for the time being.  I can’t begin to describe just how wonderful it has been to build this quilt.

I’ve been showing on social media, photos and small video clips of this gorgeous Twinkling Stars quilt journey.  Now, let’s line it up!

Stay Up on Things

This quilt started via a dear couple at church who have family in Alaska.  I’m sure that isn’t terribly important except that I’m from Alaska, and we all live in Hawaii now.

Besides, our friend’s mother is 94, so when they returned from their latest visit, they asked me to make a quilt for her and one for her daughter who cares for her.

And who can really resist building a quilt for dear friends?

For me, making something for friends also comes with its own share of trepidation and worry.  

Is it going to be good enough?  How can I take this to the next level to make this a more than wonderful quilt?  Think about it, this mother is 94?  How many gorgeous quilts has she seen in her lifetime?

Do you have those thoughts?

I shoved my fear to the back of my brain and asked some questions.  What color does she like?  What size do you think will work best?  I didn’t have to go far with the questions before I was told to make the backing minky.  So, these were the answers: Purple, twin and minky.  (That’s another story to tell about the other half of the family and making a quilt for that side.  Another time…).  I believe most of my friends know I love to sew with Shannon Fabrics Minky.

The search was on!   Yep…I have dancing feet by this time.

I was all over the internet. Hitting up all my favorite spots such as: Missouri Star Quilt Co, Fabric.com, Connecting Threads, and Bluprint.  I did a quick search on Bluprint for the color purple and Twinkling Stars was the result!

I promptly showed the kit to my friend and she loved it!  She’s so adorable and probably would have said yes to anything I showed her!

What was I afraid of before?

I still have dancing feet…!

So I bought the kit and waited.

I’m so thankful Bluprint knows how to get the shipping done.  I dug into that box like there was no tomorrow, as if my very life depended on it.

Aren’t those colors just scrumptious?  And the fabric at the very top right is Minky from Shannon Fabrics.  I have since learned that the best way to refer to their brand of this type of fabric is Cuddle.  Shannon Fabrics Cuddle.  It’s commonly known as Minky…But, HEY…let’s get it right!

Moving on…I have been working away on this quilt.  It’s even on my longarm getting quilted right now.

Why…why would I tell you the end before telling you the middle?  We’ll get to the middle part later…


Photo by Maxime Steckle on Unsplash –

Anybody else see a quilt design in here?

Please don’t forget to share!

Nearly all my quilts have a story in them.  I plan to share as many as I remember with you.  The ups the downs the…”whoops!  What was I thinking”…moments.  As I move along I hope to inspire and encourage your journey in quilts.

I love to hear stories.  

Please send me your stories about your quilts or whatever your making.  Where the idea started and how it moved from there.  And if you want me to, I’ll show them off for you.   

Most of all, let’s have fun!


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