Facemask 2020

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WOW!  And I Do Mean !WOW!

I can’t make that text any bigger for it to be any stronger!

What a crazy 2020 we’re having! 

We here at Comfy Quilts N Things are striving to help out any way we can.

SO….  Do you need a facemask?


Covers N95 mask

We completely understand the need for a mask these days. And maybe you just don’t have the time to sit down and make one or more. Could be you have a passel of kids at home – who has time to make masks at that point? Then there’s the possibility you don’t like to sew or don’t have the means to sew.

Enter Comfy Quilts N Things!

We have had many requests on Facebook and Instagram for not only facemasks, but a way to make donations to help out.

Here’s my point of view – I’ve been reluctant to take money for this cause! We, as members of PLANET EARTH, are in a time of great need and when I see people charging outlandish prices – well, it makes my blood boil.

So, even though I’m reluctant to take money, it’s been said that my time is worth something and up to now, we have been paying for all the shipping. Thus, my concession is to make them extra special and not just randomness.

 We have a couple of styles we’re making – one that will fit nicely over an existing medical grade facemask (pictured above).   This pattern was designed by a nurse for nurses.  It was commented that this mask will fit over the N95 mask.

The other style is the basic contoured mask.

We are at a point of providing them with ties only.  Elastic is becoming a premium and we would like to be sure it is available for those making the medical-grade masks.  That means we aren’t buying it for ourselves, but we’re leaving it for those that need it the most. 

To make this worth your while, we have decided to stay in line with our customizing methods!  From us, you can choose your color!  Why not?  We gotta wear them – might as well rock them!

Here’s option #1 (Yep, there’s an Option #2)

1.  Fill out the form below

2.  We’ll send you pictures of fabrics we have on hand.

We are NOT charging for masks made from our stock on hand.

Donations are accepted! 

Then there’s Option #2!  Your VERY special mask

1.  You order fabric for a custom mask and have it shipped to us!

2.  We’ll order fabric for your custom mask!

In this case, we’re asking for a minimum $10.00 to get your fabric ordered.  If you would like to donate more – use the button below – 

You may use this form to tell what you would like to do

1.  What design are you thinking? We’ve have had a request for Sugar Skulls so far

2.  How many, what sizes, what style – Please give us as much information as you can.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Perhaps you don’t want or need a mask(s)

BUT you want make a donation.

Your donation will go far to keep our small business afloat and help to ship our the masks we’re making to those in need of them.

On that note, I need to get to working!  Thank you all for your support and I’m very excited to be able to give something back!

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Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Please don’t forget to share!

Nearly all my quilts have a story in them.  I plan to share as many as I remember with you.  The ups the downs the…”whoops!  What was I thinking”…moments.  As I move along I hope to inspire and encourage your journey in quilts.

I love to hear stories.  

Please send me your stories about your quilts or whatever your making.  Where the idea started and how it moved from there.  And if you want me to, I’ll show them off for you.   

Most of all, let’s have fun!

Thank you so much for reading!  Sign up so you don’t miss a beat. Have any comments or ideas leave them below.  Also, you can join us on our FB group Comfy Coffee Klatch.  We would love to have you!

Oh, and one more thing, if your into reading after other quilter’s out there and their adventures?  Check out the 100 Top Quilting Blogs on Feedspot.

Much love,


Caroyn Albright,

Quilts ‘N’ Things Addict

I admit it…I’m a quilting addict.  But, if you’re here then it’s likely you are too!  That also means we’re fabric addicts, and quilty tool addicts…this list goes on.

Please join me for the fun!

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