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Hi and happy March!

I’ve been working on a thought about weighted blankets for some time.  And I think the thinking has got the better of me.  Now’s the time to put my thinking out there…maybe also see what you think about it.

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Yes, I make weighted blankets.  Yes, I believe they are very beneficial.  No, I don’t think it should be a difficult decision.  Seems like weighted blankets can be a touchy subject these days. Why?  I’m not completely certain.  Some are very defensive about it and that, in itself, disturbs me.

First weighted blanket for our grandson

So, here’s my thinking….

If a person doesn’t have a diagnosed condition such as Autism, ADHD or PTSD or something similar then weighted blankets become a personal preference. As such, the weight itself, in my opinion, may be treated as just that, a personal preference.  In other words, I don’t believe there are set-in-stone rules for those that aren’t under a doctor or occupational therapists care. If you are under the care of a professional, please follow the instructions of your physician or therapist.

For those out there that just want to try these blankets and feel they could help with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or even stress, or anxiety here are a few tips that could be beneficial to you.

Consider, whether you’re looking for yourself or someone in your care, how much weight can be handled easily?  You never want to be under something that could feel too heavy and you likely wouldn’t want that for someone under your care.  An elderly person could have some difficulty with a ten pound blanket.  In this case you might want to refrain from a weighted blanket altogether.  Instead, consider and quilt with heavier fabric for the backing and a heavier batting in the center.  Even flannels can be used on the front and add some weight.  I have made twin size quilts with batting and Shannon Cuddle backing that easily came out to 5-8 pounds.  This made the quilt easy for the elderly person move around on their own.  They weren’t ‘trapped’ under their quilt or blanket.

Even if you or your friend aren’t considered elderly, think about what may be simple to carry around. A weighted blanket will need to be washed on occasion.  So, here is ‘a thing’ you can do…

1.  Grab a friend and gather or borrow all the quilts or blankets you can.  These can be any type, the point isn’t the style, it’s the pressure you will feel under them.

2.  Lay down on your bed and have your friend lay the blankets and quilts on you one at a time.  Lay them on until you feel the pressure and it feels good, not claustrophobic.  Please don’t get into panic mode.  We don’t want this to end up causing a trip to the ER.

3.  When you get the pressure that helps you feel good… The kind like a giant bear hug… you’re done.

4.  Now weigh yourself on your bathroom scale.  Might want to write that number down or ask your friend to remember.

5.  Now grab all those quilts and blankets that worked for you and weigh yourself again.

6.  Subtract those two numbers.

Ta Da!  Now you know what weight will work for you!

Second weighted blanket for our grandson

First weighted blanket for our grandson

The next step isn’t difficult either –  what size works best for you.

We recommend that you use your weighted blanket for you personally.  Sharing your weighted blanket isn’t going to give you the same results.  

Typically, we don’t provide blankets sizes larger than a twin.  BUT, that twin can be personalized for you.  You might need closer to a full size.  Maybe even a queen.  Still, remember it’s a personal blanket.  

Here’s an easy way to find out.



1.  Pick a blanket out of all those you have collected earlier and lay down under it.

2.  Are you covered from side to side and shoulders to toes comfortably?

3.  Take this blanket that works for you and lay it out on the floor.

4.  Measure it width and length

Now you have the basics to go looking for your blanket. 

Go shopping!

Do you have a quilt in mind you would like made for you?

Take a look at our Build A Weighted Blanket page. 

Now for my sales pitch!

Not only will we create a weighted blanket for you in the size and weight you are looking for.  We will also make it in the colors you want.  Please take a look at these weighted blankets we have already made.  We would be tickled to work with you on your weighted blanket.

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Please don’t forget to share!

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I love to hear stories.  

Please send me your stories about your quilts or whatever your making.  Where the idea started and how it moved from there.  And if you want me to, I’ll show them off for you.   

Most of all, let’s have fun!

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Much love,


Caroyn Albright,

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