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Hi!  I’m Carolyn and creating is my addiction!  Quilts are my other 1st love and weighted blankets are my 2nd.  I dream of quilts and quilting them.  I love to customize everything and want that fun to be part of the lives of those I’m around.

I have been sewing long enough to know that quality always makes the best.  We use quilter’s cottons for our quilt tops and backings and when we use Minky, we only use Shannon Cuddle.   Even the thread we use is the finest from Superior Threads or Omni.

Sure, it may cost a bit more, but longevity is the key.  We only want to hear the words “The colors in this are still beautiful after 10 years!” or “My quilt (or blanket) is in great shape!”

When we quilt a quilt top, make a quilt or weighted blanket,  it doesn’t leave our shop until we have inspected it to be sure it will stay together for your enjoyment.

 Only the best leaves us and goes to you.


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 Let's get started with your vision.  What colors spark your fancy?  Have a layout in mind?

See something in our shop you would like to talk about?

Whatever it is, we would love to help make it happen!

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