Longarm Quilting Pricing

 Here's an idea of how the pricing works:

For example, 80” x 100” quilt is 80 multiplied by 100 = 8000 square inches. For basic E2E Computer work at .02 cents per square inch, 8000 x .02 = $160.00. Any additional requests are extra (i.e. binding, backing, batting, etc). $50.00 deposit will hold your placement on the schedule and is not refundable after quilting has begun.

Edge to Edge Custom 1  .023 Per square inch
  • Open design and is hand-guided (no computer). This can be stippling, leaves, swirls, feathers, swirled feathers, straight lines, wavy lines, etc. If you can find it, I can usually make it happen.
Edge to Edge Custom 2  .025 Per square inch
  • Same as Custom 1 but, denser in the designs. May also request a combination of designs.
Light Custom  .028 Per square inch
  • One or two-block specific open designs plus specific border design.
Medium Custom with Ruler Work  .030 Per square inch
  • More than two blocks with specific designs. Separate designs for multiple borders, sashings and/or cornerstones.
Heavy Custom with Ruler Work  .033 Per square inch
  • Works well for applique or specific pieced work. Echo quilting or cross-hatching or multiple set-in motifs with small stippling in background spaces.
  • Thread is charged at $8.00 flat fee for one color. Color changes are $2.00 per color change.
  •  Please remember that tucks or puckered piecing cannot be quilted out. I can work with some fullness in the border. I'm not afraid to let you know if I cannot do your project. I will give your quilt top the love and care it deserves and if I cannot I will send it back to you with regret.

This is a non-smoking and pet-free environment.

Turn around time is 3-4 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the design. King and Queen quilts will take longer.

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