A Place for Breathing

A little about me, 

Where I'm from, 

Where I've been, 

Where I'm going,

Where I am

2009 - Me in our home in Alaska.

And my sewing room that was in our dining room. That's not where it always existed. Just where it existed before we moved to Hawaii.

"Sell yourself," they say. 

I say, out of all the things I'm able to do, that is the least I'm interested in doing. 

Okay...okay, I'll give it a try! 

I'm really more interested in hearing from you!

No, I don't talk about myself well. 

I do talk about quilting and fabric and weighted blankets and shopping for fabric or the latest do-hickey that's come out. I even talk to my husband about quilting. He dutifully nods his head and looks like he's trying to understand. But, he understands about as much about quilting as I do about his wonderful world of electricity. Which, by the way, is wonderful, else I couldn't quilt. 

I've not always been a quilter. I have been a sewist for as long as I can remember. I'm a mom-taught clothing sewist. My mother taught me to sew clothes when I was about 9 years old. She even went as far as buying me my first sewing machine for my high school graduation. That first one was a Pfaff and I sewed my heart out on that machine. I made pillows, curtains, placemats and more clothes. I sewed for my home, for my mother, for my sisters, for my in laws. I do believe I worked that machine to death. 

Years later, my mother bought me a Babylock serger. Then, my husband and children and home all received makeovers. 

My 40th birthday was a turning point. I hadn't sewn in quite some time. Our home was in a state of remodel for what seemed like years and our kids were out on their own. My parents were in need of much care and we were running our own electrical contracting business. Where was there time to sew? 

Mother decided it was time for a new machine. That new machine shopping spree resulted in a Bernina sewing machine, a Babylock sewing/embroidery machine, a Horn cabinet for the Bernina and a mess of new ideas for making quilts instead of clothes. Yes, I had a mother that loved me very much. That's a given. 

My folks also appreciated what I did in taking care of them. And they weren't shy about showing their appreciation. I was very thankful! This began my love affair with quilting. The story abounds from there into the world of quilting and a place for breathing for my mind and heart. 

2011 - In Hawaii (where we now live). 

There's a story there, also. My husband Jon holding our grandson Austin and our daughter Jonalyn.

Our youngest son, Jeremy, joined us for this photo. We're still waiting for our oldest son to come visit. It happens!

Thank you so much for reading! There's more to this story...sign up below so you don't miss the quilting parts!   

 Much love, Carolyn

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