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Our Specialties

Quilts and blankets (even weighted ones) wrap us in a soft embrace. 

Why not have one (or two, or more) in the perfect color, size, weight that makes you smile.

Our hope is to work through the creative process with you so you are receiving exactly what you want.  The end result is a cozy, comfy quilt or blanket that will give you peace and relaxation.  

Customize is what we do.   

LONGARM Quilting

  • Computer Guided or Custom Hand Guided
  • As low as .018 per square inch

Build A Quilt

We will work through the creative process with you.  From fabrics to quilt layout to quilting design.  We love to make it happen!

Build A Weighted Blanket

More than any other quilt or blanket, a weighted blanket should be unique to you. 

  • Size – your size
  • Style – your style
  • Weight – should be perfect for you.

Watch us in action – Just a little of what we love!

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20 Years of Experience

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Custom Everything

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Meant to last a lifetime

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